Serving up the FFA

The RTR FFA hosted its harvest kick off event Saturday night at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds in Tyler. Above: FFA members served up a meal for those in attendance. Following the meal and other activities, members of the FFA auctioned off eight hours of their time to members of the community.

Tyler City Council hires new assistant deputy Registrar

by Robert Wolfington
The City of Tyler will have a full staff following the departure of Jan Nielsen in October.

During a special meeting Friday, the Tyler City Council approved hiring Barbara Powell to take over for the duties of Cindy Koenig.

Koenig will be taking over for the duties of Nielsen after she leaves in late October.

The Council said the three of them will be working together as part of the transition period for Powell and Koenig.

Mayor Darwin Lutterman said he believed the staff will work well together. City administrator Dan Tolsma took part in the interview process.

The city will also be reviewing an offer from the Tyler American Legion to take over the American Legion building in Tyler.

Earl Petersen, a representative for the Legion, said the organization is no longer interested in maintaining the building and wishes to turn it back over to the city.

Petersen said the Legion would be interested in continuing to utilize the building for its meetings but the city would be responsible for taking reservations from those interested in renting the meeting hall.

Petersen said the Legion hall was used 38 times for events in Tyler in 2008.

“We have run the community center of Tyler for 48 years,” said Petersen.

The Legion has been paying taxes on the building for about 10 years, after previously being tax exempt he said. The Council requested Petersen meet with Tolsma before the issue is discussed further during the October council meeting.

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Vintage Files from the Tyler Tribute and Tyler Journal

June 22, 1960

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